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Postal Services in Koraput

Even in the present digital and electronic era the relevance of postal services have not gone down. Postal and Courier services are still the accepted way of communication. Further they became more useful whenever we are looking to deliver any parcel from one place to another. Post offices have a wide coverage network in Koraput and offer a wide range of services. Apart from the conventional postal distribution, the post offices play a major role in offering financial services to the customers with products such as savings account, recurring deposits, government securities like national savings certificates and insurance products. The postal services involve worldwide mail delivery, nationwide mail delivery and money order. Here is list of post offices and courier agencies operating in and around Koraput.
Postal Services in Koraput

List of Courier Companies in Koraput

Post Office, Koraput
Address: Koraput , Koraput Ho, Koraput - 764020
Phone No: +(91)-6852-250251

Post Office, Koraput Collectorate
Address: Koraput Collectorate, Koraput Ho, Koraput - 764020
Phone No: +(91)-6852-251580

Post Office, Jeypore
Address: Jeypore(K) Irrigation Colony, Jeypore(K) Irrigation Colony, Koraput - 764004
Phone No: +(91)-6854-253026

Post Office, Lamtaput
Address: Lamtaput , Lamtaput, Koraput - 764081
Phone No: +(91)-6868-272222

Post Office, Sunabeda
Address: Sunabeda-2, Koraput - 763002
Phone No: +(91)-6583-220285

Post Office, Omp Line
Address: Omp Line, Omp Line, Koraput - 764021
Phone No: +(91)-6852-251310

Post Office, Kolab Nagar
Address: Kolab Nagar , Kolab Nagar, Koraput - 764011
Phone No: +(91)-6852-259022

Post Office, Bariniput
Address: Bariniput, Koraput - 764006
Phone No: +(91)-6854-242045

Post Office, Sector-VII(Sunabeda)
Address: Sector-VII(Sunabeda), Sector-VII(Sunabeda), Koraput - 763002
Phone No: +(91)-6583-222751

Post Office, Prasadraopeta
Address: Prasadraopeta , Prasadraopeta, Koraput - 764003
Phone No: +(91)-6854-232099

Post Office, Nad
Address: Nad, Sunabeda, Nad-Sunabeda, Koraput - 763004
Phone No: +(91)-6853-220533

Post Office ,Sunabeda-1
Address: Sunabeda-1, Sunabeda, Koraput - 763001
Phone No: +(91)-6853-220311

Post Office, D.P.Camp
Address: D.P.Camp, Sunabeda, D P Camp-Sunabeda, Koraput - 763003
Phone No: +(91)-6853-220422

Post Office, Jayanagar
Address: Jayanagar , Jayanagar, Koraput - 764005
Phone No: +(91)-6854-231626

Post Office, Semiliguda
Address: Semiliguda , Semiliguda, Koraput - 764036
Phone No: +(91)-6853-225244

Post Office, Ambaguda
Address: Ambaguda, Koraput - 764055
Phone No: +(91)-6854-246622

Post Office, Bhairabsinghpur
Address: Bhairabsinghpur, Koraput - 764057
Phone No: +(91)-6860-280022

Post Office, Nandapur
Address: Nandapur , Nandapur, Koraput - 764037
Phone No: +(91)-6868-273522

Post Office, Boipariguda
Address: Boipariguda, Koraput - 764043
Phone No: +(91)-6854-249422

Post Office, Dasamanthpur
Address: Dasamanthpur , Dasamanthpur, Koraput - 764028
Phone No: +(91)-6852-256322

Post Office, Machhkund
Address: Machhkund , Machhkund, Koraput - 764040
Phone No: +(91)-6868-271022

Post Office, Pottangi
Address: Pottangi , Pottangi, Koraput - 764039
Phone No: +(91)-6853-252522

Post Office, Laxmipur
Address: Laxmipur , Laxmipur, Koraput - 765013
Phone No: +(91)-6855-268522

Post Office, Onukadeli
Address: Onukadeli , Onukadeli, Koraput - 764042
Phone No: +(91)-6868-260022

Post Office, Bandhugam
Address: Bandhugam, Koraput - 764027
Phone No: +(91)-6855-263201

Speed & Safe Courier Services Pvt Ltd.
Address:Ganganagar, Koraput Ho, Near Jaganath Temple Jeypore, Koraput - 764020
Phone Number:+(91)-6852-240997, 231958

Airstate Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
Address:Super Market Complex, Koraput Ho, Koraput - 764020
Phone Number:+(91)-6852-251147, 250469

DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd.
Address:Cinema Hall Road, Koraput Ho, Koraput - 764020
Phone Number:+(91)-9438164488, 9937075670, +(91)-6852-252288

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