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The purpose of an NGO turns just about one or added compassionate grounds. Such causes characteristically have the elementary purpose of moving ahead and supporting person’s well being as well as additional individual activities. Depending on the exacting focus of the NGO, it might gather contributions, support the underprivileged, sponsor instruction, persuade societal accountability, extend communities, and make available indispensable societal services. NGOs in Koraput acts as shelter for deprived sections of society and are devoted to caring of citizens, regardless of their age, sex. Apart from providing shelter and basic amenities, they also conduct psychological programme for those suffering from any stress. Here is list of accredited NGOs that serves well the residents of Koraput.

NGOs in Koraput

List of NGO's and Social Welfare Organizations in Koraput

Address: Dhepsahi Koraput, Koraput Ho, Koraput - 764020
Phone No: +(91)-6852-228047, +(91)-9438772420

Address: 1st Lanekoraput, Koraput - 764020
Phone No: +(91)-6852-250842

Centre for Youth and Social development
Address: Cysd-Prayas, Jaipur, Koraput, Rltc, Mundaguda, Boipariguda, Koraput Ho, Koraput - 764020
Phone No: +(91)-6852-250151

Address: Phd Colony Koraput, Koraput - 764020
Phone No: +(91)-6852-250750, +(91)-9937665462

Society for Promoting Rural Education and Development
Address: Post Box 12, Janiguda, Koraput Ho, Koraput - 764020
Phone No: +(91)-6852-250326
Fax No: +(91)-6852-252606

Help - Health, Environment And Literacy Of People
Address: Netaji Nagarsemiligudakoraput, Koraput - 764036
Phone No: +(91)-9437820803

Address: Chikapar, Sunabeda, Koraput - 763001
Phone No:+(91)-6853-220014, +(91)-9437089704

Tribal People And Women Welfare Organisation
Address: Lingarajnagarjeyporekoraput, Koraput - 764002
Phone No: +(91)-9777576989

Integrated Development Society - Koraput
Address: At/Po Dasamanthpurdistt. Koraput, Koraput - 765028
Phone No: +(91)-6853-286315

Health & Integreted Rural Development Agency
Address: Main Road, Kotpad, Koraput - 764058
Phone No: +(91)-8462968410

Address: Po/Dist Koraput, Koraput Ho, Koraput - 764020
Phone No: +(91)-6852-252496

Address: Goutam Nagar Po/Dist-Koraput, Koraput Ho, Koraput - 764020
Phone No: +(91)-9437233361

Ram Balaram Tribal And Rural Development Organization
Address: At- Ashok Nagar Po&Dt- Koraput, Koraput Ho, Koraput - 764020
Phone No: +(91)-6852-252995

Rural Action for Poor In Development Of Society
Address: Village:dasini Post: Bandhugaon, Dist: Koraput, Koraput Ho, Koraput - 764020
Phone No: +(91)-6852-250939

Address: At-Shanti Nagar, Post-Sunabeda, Dist-Koraput, Sunabeda, Koraput - 763001
Phone No: +(91)-6853-220833

Social Unique Voluntary Affairs Management Suvam
Address: At- Parabeda, Sriram Nagar, Po- Jeypore, Dist - Koraput, Jeypore(K) R S, Koraput - 764002
Phone No: +(91)-9937842869

Prantiya Utkal Seva Samiti
Address: At/Po Nandapur, Dist: Korapur, Nandapur, Koraput - 764037
Phone No: +(91)-9861511405

Sathee Social Action For Tribal Health Education And Environment
Address: At: Down Street Po: Boipariguda Dist: Koraput, Boipariguda, Koraput - 764043
Phone No: +(91)-6854-249531

Rural Development Agency for Backward People
Address: Kotpad Road Borigumma Dist Koraput, Borigumma, Koraput - 764056
Phone No: +(91)-6860-250393

Rural Development Agency For Backward People
Address: Co Umakanta DAS Near Public School Pujariput Koraput, Pujariput, Koraput - 764056
Phone No: +(91)-9437233318

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