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Weekend Getaways near Koraput

If your desire is to be in awe at the overwhelming supremacy of nature, Koraput is the place to be. The region from which it claims to recognition is the captivating hills, lush forests, windy streams and exotic wild life. Added to these is the affluent tribal life. Koraput is a mesmerizing place blended with natural riches and picturesque attractiveness. The district located at an altitude of 2,900 ft above the sea level houses enormous mountain valleys, widespread meadow lands and the ethnic traditions making it a magnificent tourist place in Orissa. Plan a trip to Koraput to enjoy the delight of scenery and prettiness of innocent people.

Famous Places to Visit in and Around Koraput

Shabara Shrikhetra Jagannath Temple: This is a renowned temple of Koraput. The holy place is located on a hill top which is recognized as Sabara Shrikhetra. The name Sabara Srikhetra is derived to the place since it was put in place by the Tribes (Sabaras) of the district. Sabara Srikhetra is in general known as Puri Jagannath, although the distinctive uniqueness of the temple is because no segment of the social order is banned access. The holy shrine has twenty-two steps beginning from the way in door to the inner courtyard of the shrine which is analogous to that of Puri. A temple has a set of small temples in face of the south gate of the holy place embracing incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi and others.

Places to visit in Koraput

The ramparts of the temple are packed with the enlightenment of the renowned personalities of the state. One can see the gorgeous landscape of the garden shaped in and around the holy place. The renowned rath yatra is the most important carnival, where one can unearth diverse tribal traditions at one place who display their dance and arts. The prominent Ratha Yatra is held here yearly where huge numbers of people get together and rejoice the auspicious occasion. Apart from the Ratha Yatra the place is renowned for the tribal fair called ‘Parab’ which is held by UNICEF. One can as well buy ethnic handiwork stuff from the nearby bazaar. The Temple trust has put in place massive accommodation center for devotees for an affordable and comfortable stay thus boosting the number of tourist visiting the place. In an endeavor to refurbish and teach tribal life style, traditions, rituals and history the trust also runs an educational institute.

Tourism in KoraputTribal Museum: The cultural museum is one of the most enlightening and appealing store for those who want to enlighten themselves about the Tribes of Dandakaranya. The tribal museum is located behind the Jagannath temple in Koraput. The museum is an adobe to a vast compilation of images and items of tribal ethnicity and customs. Diverse category of figurines, items, jewellery, pictures and items of cultural heritage can be found in the museum. In addition the store also has a library housing collections pertaining to the tribal culture and heritage of the region. The Tribal Museum also educates the sightseers about the evolution of traditions and legacy of the tribal in the region.

Address: Tribal Museum, Koraput, 764020, Orissa.
Telephone: 06852-250610
Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM .The Museum is open on all Week Days, except on Wednesday.

Government Museum: Government museum is another museum in the city located in the town hall. The museum accommodates treasures and craft works, typically renowned for Jain iconography. The museum which attracts numerous visitors is situated nearby to the government bus stand.

Sunabeda: Entrenched in the luxuriant valleys of the region, the city is a magnificent illustration of the state’s elegant backdrop. The town located at a distance of 20 kilometers from the Koraput city is a contemporary civic bounded with lush valleys. Jonk and Sunar River flow through the town. The MIG fighter plane factory of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is a perfect illustration of the modernization of the region.

The village located in the midst of Koraput and Sunabeda by the side of National Highway (NH43) is well-known for the Sri Ram Temple located in the area that is far and wide acknowledged for the highest kneeling Hanuman figurine in the state. Sri Ram Navami festival is widely celebrated every year which draws a huge number of devotees.

Dumuriput near Koraput

Jeypore: Jeypore, nowadays an admired traveler destination is bound to be an appealing know-how for enthusiast and ardent admirer of history. The History of place bounces back to King Vikram Dev's Dynasty. The three Hill Temples - A well-known Lord Jagannath Temple, Lord Shiva Temple and Swamy Vivekananda Temple at three diverse hilltops in three different sizes of the town are noteworthy attraction of the historical city of the state. Jeypore, the biggest town in the Koraput district of Odisha is chief trade and commerce hub of the district. It has very picturesque environs, bounded by hills on all sides. The city renowned for the palaces scripts the affluent history of the city. It has a pleasant cultural blend with noteworthy population speaking different languages like Oriya, Telugu, Hindi and Bengali. The place houses remarkable temples as old as centuries that stand as a cultural testimony to the prosperous heritage of the city.

Duduma Waterfall
Koraput famous placesThe place also known as Matsya Tirtha, is based in the grandiose hills of Machkund and has a stunning ambiance which draws many tourists. The waterfall situated at an altitude of 175 meters fashions a striking scene in the process. Duduma is about 90 km from Koraput and 200 km from Visakhapatnam. The Machkund hydro-electric project is developed in the midst of lush greenery. A tiny village of Ankadeli located 3 kilometers from the water fall attracts number of foreign travelers to its weekly bazaar on Thursdays where the most primordial tribe “the Bondas”, come from the far-flung dense forest.

Maliguda: Maliguda hill is located at a 2 hour drive from the Koraput town. The broad railway tunnel called Maliguda tunnel is situated here. It is the biggest broad gauge railway tunnel in the country.

Daman Jodi: Daman Jodi is a place of mountainous terrains and tranquil beauty. National Aluminum Company NALCO, has the biggest aluminum factory situated here. For trekking aficionados, this place is the finest selection.

Nandapur: The earliest administrative city of Jeypore estate draws numerous guests to observe the Batrisa Sinhasan, throne with 32 steps that has guided several to deem that it was once upon a time a division of the kingdom of the great Vikramaditya. The 1.8 meters icon of Ganapati is an evidence to the antique inheritance of the place. The holy place of Sarbeswar and its writing pin down the historical significance of the place.

Kolab Dam: Located at an altitude of about 3000 ft. above sea level on river Kolab, the dam is home to the Upper Kolab Hydro Electric Project which makes use of the potential of river Kolab to produce power and present irrigation services like drinking water supply to the city. It also has a stunning botanical garden which is a familiar tourist spot. The garden also endows with a striking view of the water gates.

Picnic spots in Koraput

Gupteswar Temple: Located near the boundary of the state it is divided from Chattisgarh by the Kolab River and intense woodland that consist of Sal trees. With man-made cane bridges and a feel of risk one could in fact reach the other side. The lime stone cave was revealed by a huntsman in the late 19th century. But it is believed that Lord Rama discovered it in the then Dandakaranya forest while wandering with his wife Sita and brother Laxman. The adjoining hills were therefore named Ramagiri hills. Gupteswara is one of the numerous names of Lord Shiva which means ‘hidden god’. The holy place is situated in a cave within a hill on the banks of Kalab River.

Shrine of Lord Shiva popularly known as Shiva Lingam is worshiped in the temple. The temple’s way in is bordered by trees on both sides of the 1000 steps that escort to the temple. A lingam that is located at the centre of the cave is supposed to be growing every year. The interior cave encompasses stalactites rising from the top of the cave and is respected as the incarnation of the Divine Cow. The temple is known for it’s Bolbum Yatra held in the Sravana period of Oriya calendar. This holy place, also perfect for picnic, attracts several thousands of devotees during the Maha Shivratri.

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